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Learn More About Marine Surveys

A marine surveyor is someone who inspects marine vessels to assess their condition. Some examples of vessels they often survey include freighters, tankers, barges, or any other kind of watercraft whose purpose is to transport products such as coal, grain, rocks, or anything else. One reason someone would need the assistance of a marine surveyor would be if they were going to purchase a vessel. If you plan on purchasing a vessel or a boat, then you want to know more about a marine surveyor and what it is they will do when inspecting the vessel for you. Here is more information on this subject: 

The surveyors will inspect many things

Surveyors inspect vessels and boats regularly, so the process may not take as long as you would imagine. In fact, they can finish the job in as little as an hour and a half or so. Just some of the things that they will inspect include the vessel or boat's own integrity, the electronics, the plumbing, the heating and cooling, and the other systems throughout the vessel. Something else to know about what a marine surveyor does on a regular basis is that they will also inspect cargo that is on a vessel when inspecting a vessel preparing to transport those products. 

There are different types of surveys

You should also know that there are different types of surveys. One type of survey is called a marine survey, which has been covered above. However, there is also a survey that is called a mechanical survey, and this is one in which the engine is gone over specifically. Another type of survey is one that is specifically for sailboats, and this one is called a rig survey. If a survey is being done for insurance purposes, then it will usually need to be done with the vessel or boat out of the water. However, a marine survey can be done in the water as well, and in fact, this is often how they are done. 

Older surveys shouldn't be trusted

You don't want to make the mistake of considering the information that was found during a marine, mechanical, or rig survey that was done in the past, even if it wasn't that long ago. When it comes to vessels and boats, things can change quickly, and something that happened during just a single storm can greatly affect how the survey goes. This is why it is important to make sure a survey is extremely recent.

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