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Keeping Your Customers And Workers Safe

Workplace safety is a chief priority for any business. However, it is a reality that small and medium businesses can struggle with the process of meeting their safety training needs, and this can lead to a number of substantial liabilities for the enterprise.

Have A General Safety And OSHA Consultation Done For Your Business

In order to help keep your employees and customers as safe as possible, you will need to invest resources into identifying all of the threats that your staff and customers may face while they are in your enterprise. Unfortunately, you may struggle when it comes to identifying the threats that are the most likely to pose significant risks to your business's customers and staff. To help you with identifying these hazards, there are professional consultants that will be able to assist you with conducting the type of risk assessment that will allow you to identify the full range of potential threats so that you take proper mitigation steps. Furthermore, these services may assist you with better understanding your responsibilities as an employer under OSHA guidelines, which is critical information for any business owner.

Require Yearly Training For Both Employees And Management Staff Members

Yearly training for your staff is an effective option for reducing the threat of significant accidents occurring on the premises, and it can also be an important requirement for staying compliant with OSHA standards. To get the full effect of this training, you will want to make sure that you are including both your management team members as well as your general staff in these training sessions. Furthermore, thoroughly document these yearly training sessions so that you can verify that this training got conducted in the event that there is an accident, legal proceeding, or other situation in the future.

Create Procedures To Meet The OSHA Reporting Requirements

Despite your best efforts, there is a good chance that at some point an accident will occur. This can be an unfortunate situation, but it will require you to document the accident so that it can be reported. This is important for helping to ensure that the facts surrounding the accident are documented as soon as possible while the information is still fresh. As part of OSHA requirements, some types of accidents may need to be formally reported to the government, and your senior management staff members will need to be trained in both the types of accidents that will require this type of report to be submitted as well as the process of preparing and filing the accident report with OSHA.

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