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4 Employment Trends Driving Interest In Staffing Offices

Staffing offices provide a high level of convenience for both employers and potential employees who need to make a connection. Employment trends are shifting, and many of these are driving greater interest in working with staffing offices. Let's check out four of these trends and how they might influence your decision-making.

Difficult Positions to Fill

There are positions in many businesses that can be challenging to fill. This can arise from industry-wide competition, education requirements, employee demands, and low unemployment. Staffing offices can tell you quickly how many people they have available to fill positions and how well their skills match the positions you're trying to fill. Employees from staffing firms have already been tested for proficiency in the skills each company requires, and tests can also be tailored to specific needs during hiring periods. This can significantly shorten the process of identifying candidates, pairing them with jobs, and getting them up to speed.

Just-in-Time Processes

Especially in the manufacturing and warehousing sectors, just-in-time fulfillment has become a popular business model. In a JIT structure, keeping staff on-site during down periods can be a costly expense. Instead, many enterprises that use this model prefer to ramp up staffing during the fulfillment process and then draw down as orders go out. They can let temporary workers know how long they'll be needed, ensuring that everyone feels like they're being treated fairly.

Replacing the HR Department

Maintaining a human resources department can become a task almost as gargantuan as running the business itself. Staffing offices can serve as assistants to HR departments for small companies and ones that dislike dealing with the hiring process. The staffing company will do the hard part of gathering resumes, calling candidates, conducting interviews, and performing tests. Your business can then collect the cream of the crop. Most contracts with staffing businesses also include hiring options that allow employees to be transferred if clients like them enough to want to hire them on or promote them.

Overcoming Employment Barriers

It can be difficult to not impute biases into the hiring process. People look at things like educational backgrounds, industry experience, and even criminal records in a way that clouds their ability to render a simple judgment about who's a good match. Staffing offices can help you focus your efforts on the best matches rather than clumsily hoping for the best. They also can point prospective employees to jobs they might have never considered.

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