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6 Consulting Careers For People Who Love To Organize

Self-employment is on the rise. In fact, it is expected that up to 33 percent of the American work force will soon be self-employed. Going solo does not have to mean selling a product, however. You can turn your skills into a consulting practice, particularly if those skills include organization. Everyone, from companies to individuals, has areas of their life or business where they need a second pair of hands to get organized. 

1. Project Management: The ultimate consulting career for organization lovers is project management. They plan, execute, and control a project from beginning to end, keeping close watch on all the members of the team and all the moving parts. There are many ways to get online training and certification for this career. Many people start out as a PM in-house before moving into independent consulting. 

2. Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP is a fancy way of saying that you bring all of a company's resources, from technology to services, and combine them in order to automate various processes and free up time for everyone. An ERP consultant eliminates the duplicates and streamlines activity between departments, making everything flow better. 

3. Professional Organizer: If you are the next Marie Kondo and cleaning up clutter sparks joy within you, look into a career as a professional organizer. This type of consultant helps individuals clear the clutter, whether it is a whole house, an office, or just an overflowing closet. 

4. Life Coach: When friends and family constantly turn to you for advice and pep talks, you might want to take that as a sign to pursue a career as a life coach. A life coach is just like it sounds; a person that coaches other people on the path that their life and career should take.

5. Strategic Management: To work as a strategic management consultant, you need in-depth knowledge of a specific field or niche in order to be able to accurately advise clients on the best route to take. This type of consultant is able to take an unbiased look at a problem and find an effective solution. They work on short and long-term projects, from downsizing to mergers. 

6. IT Specialist: Does a sloppy CSS irk you? Do you love to integrate software packages for maximum productivity? Many IT professionals are deciding to step away from the cubicle and move into consulting. In fact, according to CNN Money, it is one of the top career moves in the country right now with an expected ten year growth rate of over 22 percent. 

Organization is a skill that can quickly and easily turn into a lucrative consulting career for those brave enough to make the move.