Making A Difference With My Business

Should You Get A Liquor License?

You own a restaurant and want to appeal to a wider crowd. Your normal business is decent but you want more patronage, and to accomplish this, you need to branch out your services to a larger audience.

Adding liquor services to your restaurant so you can also operate as a bar can greatly increase revenues and make your restaurant stand out among competitors. This guide will help you determine if you should seek a liquor license. Speak to your consultant about applying for a liquor license in your area once you've made your final decision.

You have space for a bar

Does your restaurant have the room to add a bar once you get a liquor license? You'll need to add a bar space and storage for alcohol, plus have tables and an area where your patrons can comfortably enjoy an alcoholic beverage without disturbing or being disturbed by your other patrons. Consider adding onto your restaurant if you need to or add an outside patio if you are set on getting a liquor license.

There are not many bars around

Usually, there is a cap on how many liquor licenses can be given in a certain location. This is why it's wise to speak to a consultant before pursuing your own liquor license. If there aren't many bars in your area — or restaurants that have bars — then getting a liquor license will serve you well. You can be the restaurant that reaches that younger crowd that wants to imbibe as part of their normal night life and make a nice profit with a new clientele.

You want to change your image

Is your restaurant more of a family dining place that doesn't cater to the drinking-age crowd? Do you have a reputation for being a casual restaurant and you want to beef up your image to a more fun and relaxing environment? If so, adding an alcohol menu and bar menu to your regular services can really make a difference in how your restaurant is perceived and help bring in a more diverse crowd.

When you apply for your liquor license, you may have to wait a while to have the license approved. It's best to have a professional assist you in the process so your application doesn't get denied or delayed due to a circumstance that could be avoided. When you get your liquor license, you can then begin serving alcohol in your establishment legally.

For more information, reach out to companies like Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants